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Our mission is to support public awareness of national security, economic security, and moral leadership

Since 1958 the American Security Council Foundation's (ASCF) mission has been to protect American freedoms and values by promoting public awareness of national security, economic security, and moral leadership through a "Peace through Strength" initiative.
Today, we continue to educate and engage Americans through our articles and podcasts. Our American History Live program brings an interactive, real-time program to our future generation to promote civic participation and a renewed sense of pride in America.

ASCF is non-partisan, non-profit, 501 (c)(3) organization. We rely on fundraisers, sponsorships, grants, and donations to keep our programs running.



Freedom 5k Run Flyer V2-01

ASCF's first annual Freedom 5K will be held on March 25, 2023. The race will occur at the North County Aquatic Center at 9450 CR 512 in Sebastian, Florida, 32958. The race route will follow the off-road hiking and bike path of the Trans-Florida Central Railroad Road Trail. The turnaround point runners will be the walking bridge over Hwy 95. For information about sponsorships to promote your brand or business, don't hesitate to contact Larry at lleitschuh@ascf.us or call us at 772-388-2490.

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ASCF Sr. Analyst Laurence Sanford briefs us on his article, "US Military - Paper Tiger?" "The finest military equipment in the world is toothless if it is not manned by the finest personnel. And the US military tooth is being hollowed out at its core by misguided, corrupt, and incompetent leadership."

Sr. Fellow, Alan Dowd briefs us on his article "21st Century Missile Crisis."
Enemies of the State with long-range missile capabilities. Which enemy poses the greatest threat to the U.S.?

In this first SOS Brief, Sr. Analyst Laurence Sanford gives us a glimpse into his article on TikTok.
Did you know the Chinese government limits the time their children can watch the Chinese version of TikTok (Douyin)?
TikTok was founded by ByteDance, a Chinese company headquartered in Beijing.



Japan Unveils New Security Strategy

This first DOWD Report in the series "Japan Unveils New Military Security Strategy" explores reasons for the unprecedented increase in defense spending. Ultimately within the next four years, the National Security Strategy is calling on Japan’s government and citizenry to “take the necessary measures to make the level of its budget, for both the fundamental reinforcement of defense capabilities and complementary initiatives, reach 2 percent of the current GDP”

Read the full Report here

Japans Maritime Defense

Japan's Arming for Cold War II

In this second report on Japan's increase in defense spending, Mr. Dowd describes where the additional funding went and which Nations are supplying the aircraft, missile defense systems, and drones they are upgrading to. Aircraft carriers are being repurposed, with the overall hope that this increased strength and presence will be a deterrent for physical altercations.

Read the full report here:

Spratley Islands

China - Gray Zone Tactics

As tensions rise with the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) over South China Sea's land grabs, America grapples with how best to contain the threat. ASCF Senior Analyst Laurence F. Sanford details the buildup of Chinese military bases on the islands and shoals along China's bordering Nation's coastal territories. This escalation will not stop until America, and our allies confront this aggression.
Besides the grim reality of the situation, Mr. Sanford gives some real actions that could slow or deter any further buildup.

Read the full article here:

Trojan Horse

China - Trojan Horse

As China used soft warfare tactics to infiltrate America's higher education institutions, many of our politicians took financial payouts to turn a blind eye. In this highly informative article, ASCF Senior Analyst Laurence F Sanford shares his knowledge and warnings about the CCP's continuous efforts to insert communism into the American curriculum. Read the full article here:


China - The taking of the South Pacific Islands

China is using the Belt and Road Initiative Strategy (BRI) as a predatory lending scheme to get Pacific Island Nations indebted beyond their ability to pay under the guise of modernization. Many of these Island Nations were liberated at the cost of American lives during previous wars. Now the Chinese Communist Party has taken possession of ports and influenced Island Leaders to embrace communism without ever firing a shot.

Read the full article here:

PROGRAMS sponsored by ASCF

ASCF sponsors American History Live and Assignment Blue educational programs as tools to assist educators in the classroom and community.

Benjamin Franklin Waving Background

American History Live uses real-time technology to educate, entertain, and help students retain American history and civics.
Our program is a supplemental tool to provide students across America with a deeper appreciation of our nation's history.

Why is this program different?

Our historical characters can see, speak, and answer questions from the audience with real-time voice-over talent. Educators work remotely with our historical characters using provided scripts. All lesson plans meet state standards.

For more information please visit our website: AmericanHistoryLive.org

Officer Frederick Waving Background

Assignment Blue is a tool created to educate and entertain students on the importance of law enforcement in our community. Our real-time interactive police dog, Officer Frederick, cover services that police and school resource officers provide. Lesson plans also include good citizenship, volunteerism, and safety preparedness. Like AHL historical figures, Officer Frederick can see, speak, and answer questions from the audience.

We have two A.L.I.C.E. certified instructors. The certification means they have been through Active Shooter Training and Preparedness Solutions.

For more information please visit our website at www.americanhistorylive.org/assignment-blue

Voice Over Talent
Abigail Adams - Charla Frederick
Alexander Hamilton - Scott Williamson
Prince Hall - Rudolph Ross

American History Live is currently looking for Voice Over Talent and Facilitators.
If interested, email your contact information to