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Our mission is to support public awareness of national security, economic security, and moral leadership


Since 1958, the American Security Council Foundation's (ASCF) mission has been to protect American freedoms and values by promoting public awareness of national security, economic security, and moral leadership through a policy of "Peace through Strength."

Educating our children on America's Founders and Founding documents is a matter of national security. Our American History Live program is a unique, interactive, real-time program for our future generation (K-12). It promotes civic participation and an appreciation of our nation's founding.

ASCF is an educational non-partisan, non-profit, 501 (c)(3) organization. We rely on fundraisers, sponsorships, grants, and donations to keep our programs running.



Islam in American Universities

"Some universities have had limited protests and occupations when college administrators have made it clear that law violations will not be tolerated."

May 1st, 2024
By ASCF Sr. Analyst, Laurence Sanford


An Imperfect but Durable Peace

"More NATO members and more foreign policy thinkers are coming around to Ukraine joining NATO because they realize, finally, that Ukraine’s stability and security impact what the North Atlantic Treaty calls the “stability and…security of the North Atlantic area.."

May 2024 - by ASCF Sr. Fellow Alan Dowd

Raisi, Tasnim News Agency


"A ceasefire in Gaza could happen immediately if Hamas released Israeli hostages and surrendered. It is not known how many hostages, including Americans, are still alive."

Updated May 1st, 2024
By ASCF Sr. Analyst, Laurence Sanford


PTS host Joy Votrobek discusses what conditions are necessary to achieve a sustainable peace settlement in the Ukraine / Russia conflict. They analyze the current state of the war, the geopolitical interests at play and security agreements with allies in Europe and beyond.

PTS podcast host Joy Votrobek discusses the possibility that Iran already has nuclear capability with special guest Lee Boyland and Sr. Analyst Laurence Sanford. Mr. Boyland is a nuclear engineer who worked for the U.S. military in the Defense Atomic Support Agency. Most countries with nuclear capability stay in check because of the MAD (Mutual Assured Destruction) theory. However, Iran is run by an Islamic theocracy that believes martyrs are honored after death.

PTS host Joy Votrobek interviews ASCF senior analyst Laurence Sanford about his article "Ceasefire." They give updates on the Israeli War and discuss Hamas's stance on releasing hostages and a real Ceasefire. Mr. Sanford also discusses why the United States needs a "winning" strategy and what that looks like.

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American History Live (AHL) is a unique program whose mission is to educate, entertain, and help students retain American history and civics. AHL accomplishes this by engaging students in conversations with real-time, interactive historical characters. Characters include Ben Franklin, Abigail Adams, Prince Hall, Alexander Hamilton, and Betsy Ross.

Learn more at www.americanhistorylive.org

Assignment Blue is a supplemental tool to assist educators in teaching children about the role of police and resource officers in our communities. Interactive Police dog characters Officer Frederick and Officer Alice zoom into classrooms in real-time. Other lesson plans include good citizenship and volunteerism, as well as reinforcing active assailant drills.
Learn more at Assignment Blue.
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