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Our mission is to support public awareness of national security, economic security, and moral leadership

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Since 1958, the American Security Council Foundation's (ASCF) mission has been to protect American freedoms and values by promoting public awareness of national security, economic security, and moral leadership through a policy of "Peace through Strength."

Educating our children on America's Founders and Founding documents is a matter of national security. Our American History Live program is a unique, interactive, real-time program for our future generation (K-12). It promotes civic participation and an appreciation of our nation's founding.

ASCF is an educational non-partisan, non-profit, 501 (c)(3) organization. We rely on fundraisers, sponsorships, grants, and donations to keep our programs running.





Pre-War Digital Pearl Harbor

February 12th, 2024
by ASCF Sr. Analyst, Laurence Sanford

"Wray said the world is much more dangerous due to the CCP's massive hacking programs. They are larger than the rest of the world combined. Wray has warned of CCP espionage and, most recently, of CCP efforts to infiltrate critical infrastructure networks."


Worrisome Words and Dangerous Days

March 2024 - by ASCF Sr. Fellow Alan Dowd

"Biden has not used the bully pulpit to educate the American people about the threats arrayed against us—certainly not in the concerted manner needed to awaken a world-weary, inward-looking populace. Moreover, neither the White House nor Congress has put forward a defense budget equal to the moment."


China Cyber Crimes

February 5th, 2024
By ASCF Sr. Analyst, Laurence Sanford

"China's cyber crimes are perhaps the most dangerous of all CCP gray zone actions in its “unrestricted warfare” against the United States."


Mr. Sanford believes the expansion of BRICS which includes Iran, Saudi Arabia, UAE, and Ethiopia could have enough traction to move International trade away from the U.S. dollar. They also discuss why sanctions don't work and why Green Energy subsidies benefit the CCP, not the U.S.

Mr. Dowd gives the technical definition of allies and explains why it is in our best interest to support free democracies. He details the economic and security implications for support of Taiwan, Ukraine, and Israel.

Polls indicate over 65% of Americans support military aid to Israel, Ukraine, and Taiwan in light of the Reagan Doctrine. Americans may be fatigued from the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq but still support democracies fighting to stay free from authoritarian regimes.

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American History Live (AHL) is a unique program whose mission is to educate, entertain, and help students retain American history and civics. AHL accomplishes this by engaging students in conversations with real-time, interactive historical characters. Characters include Ben Franklin, Abigail Adams, Prince Hall, Alexander Hamilton, and Betsy Ross.

Learn more at www.americanhistorylive.org

Assignment Blue is a supplemental tool to assist educators in teaching children about the role of police and resource officers in our communities. Interactive Police dog characters Officer Frederick and Officer Alice zoom into classrooms in real-time. Other lesson plans include good citizenship and volunteerism, as well as reinforcing active assailant drills.
Learn more at Assignment Blue.
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